Kira DIKHTYAR: “Efficiency and punctuality are two important qualities for any successful model”

International Supermodel Kira Dikhtyar has been the UN Ambassador for several years now and deals with important issues. Kira said that she has long been cooperating with the organization SURVIVORS INITIATIVE, whose activities aim to combat sexual crimes in the United States. Now Kira’s attention has been drawn to the problem of the so-called “age of consent.” Kira is developing a program to raise the legal age of entry into intimate relationships in Russia and the rest of the world.

What is the most difficult thing for you in the modeling business?

Kira: The modeling business, like any creative work, allows you to realize your potential. In addition, modeling will enable you to gain fame, connections, and other perks that can help in the future for professional and further self-development. In addition to modeling, I am involved in producing, and I am an ambassador for ONN; I work with charitable and human rights organizations. As for the complexities of the modeling business, it is, as a rule, irregular working hours, long flights, and other such things. Together with the American organization SURVIVORS INITIATIVE, which is involved in helping victims of sexual crimes in the United States, we touch on some of the “complexities” of the modeling business. It is usually unacceptable to talk about this side of the life of models, but we bring this topic up concerning actions of sex offenses against underage models. Our goal is to raise the legal age for intimate relationships to 17 years all over the world. In my opinion, this will help protect young girls from 14-16 who are just entering the modeling business from sexual “difficulties” – from possible rape and communication with wealthy oligarchs.

Do you think there is a secret for models who achieve worldwide success?

Kira: In the modeling business, as in the acting career, not only outstanding appearance is appreciated, but also talent, charisma, and the ability to present oneself. The combination of all these qualities will undoubtedly increase the chances of success. Also, do not forget about performance – another essential quality for any successful model.

In your opinion, what is the main quality should be present in each model?

Kira: A desire to work. Including over yourself too. You need to constantly be in shape, go to bed on time, and give up some things in life. For example, from parties until late, you need to look good when you have a shoot in the morning. In addition, punctuality is another vital quality. Suppose you come late for a shoot at least once you’re risking losing a contract. A similar story, for example, happened to me at the end of last year, when, through no fault of my own, I was late for shooting in New York. My plane from Moscow was detained at the New York airport because someone reported a bomb on board the aircraft. They kept us for a long time, first on the runway, then they checked us at the exit from the plane, then at the airport itself. The hold went on for several hours. Naturally, I was late. But no one wanted to listen to my apologies and excuses – the shooting did not take place. Punctuality and time management are the pillars of success in the modeling business.

Is a modeling career for you a lifestyle or a job?

Kira: the lifestyle of the model is not much different from the life of an ordinary woman. I also try to take care of myself, visit a beautician, work out in the gym, go to a cafe with my friends, communicate with my son, go on vacation, read, watch TV series, shop. The modeling business is a job that, of course, leaves an imprint on a lifestyle—frequent flights, filming, events, etc.

Do you follow a diet? How do you keep yourself in shape?

Kira: I confess, while there was a pandemic, restrictions on movement around the world, I spent a great deal of time with my family here in Russia; I learned many things that I always wanted to know and learn but never had enough free time for it. But, as soon as the borders reopened and it became possible to fly, I was back to work – shooting. As a rule, I do not adhere to diets; so far, I can not complain about my metabolism. I limit fast carbs, try to reduce portions, and spend more time in the gym.

Tell us about the projects in which you are currently involved?

Kira: Now, I am entirely focused on my work as the UN Ambassador. Together with the American company SURVIVORS INITIATIVE, we are developing a law that will raise the so-called “age of consent” around the world since, in our opinion, the situation is quite catastrophic. In many countries, the age of girls when they can enter into an intimate life begins at a very early age. For example, it is 11 y.o. in Nigeria, 12 y.o. in the Philippines, 13 in Japan, and 14 in Brazil, China, Portugal, Germany, and Italy. Of course, this gives way to sexual crimes because no one is there to protect these girls, including the law. Today, my main focus is to raise awareness on the global problem related to the “age of consent,” My goal is to attract the public’s attention in different countries and inform people about the crimes committed.

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