Model and UN Ambassador Kira Dikhtyar Spoke About the Rape by the Russian Oligarch

The girl was 15 years old when he corrupted her.

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Supermodel and UN Ambassador Kira Dikhtyar (33) told about the terrible experience at the age of 15. At that time, the girl was starting her modeling career. According to Dikhtyar, she was raped by a Russian oligarch. The man molested her under duress.

“I was told that I was filming in London. Arriving at the hotel, I went down to the lobby, and this oligarch was sitting there. He invited me to his place, said that the shooting would take place there”

The man raped her and then “threw her out into the street.” “I immediately told him that I was a virgin, but that did not stop him …” – added the girl.

The supermodel admitted that she wanted to draw everyone’s attention to the problem of sexual harassment. According to her, rape is very often committed by respectable people – in luxurious villas, luxury hotel rooms, and inexpensive apartments. According to her, it is necessary to raise the age of consent in Russia to 17 years. However, this measure is far from a panacea for shady sexual activities.

A terrible secret about her past was recently revealed by the actress Elena Proklova. She admitted that she was molested by a famous director when she was still a teenager. The name of the man Proklova did not disclose, but she hinted that Oleg Tabakov was the molester.

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