Kira Dikhtyar Played in American Comedy with the Star of “Fantastic Beasts”

Previously, Dan Fogler’s colleagues on the set were Jennifer Aniston, Aaron Eckhart, and other Hollywood celebrities.

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Russian actors and models continue to conquer Hollywood. So, Kira Dikhtyar (columnist at ) can now be seen on large American movie screens. A film with her participation, Making the Day, was released: if translated literally, it will turn out to be “Making the Day.” This phrase comes from the famous English phraseological saying: You made my day, which has long migrated into Russian language. You made my Day – always carries a positive context and informs the interlocutor that thanks to him, this Day will surely be remembered with good emotions and a great mood. The same can be said about the new comedy directed by Michael Canzoniero, “Making the Day” – it carries a positive charge for all viewers without exception.

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Around the main character of the movie performed by Dan Fogler, whom the audience remembers well from such sensational films as “Fantastic Beasts” (1 and 2 parts), “Good luck, Chuck!”, “Love Happens,” where he played with Jennifer Aniston and Aaron Eckhart, Goldbergs, and The Walking Dead, have many funny situations in one Day. According to the plot, the hero of Dan Fogler, Tony (Tony Guest), is obsessed with the desire to make a new film, but this requires not only an excellent script but, of course, money, which new acquaintances help him to find, including the Russian model Oksana, played by a real supermodel – Kira Dikhtyar. It is Tony’s new acquaintances (Dan Fogler) who, in English, “make his day” and bring closer, as far as possible, his dream of making a film.


“Now we can say: finally we did it! – Kira Dikhtyar shared. – Our picture unexpectedly turned out to have a lengthy background, but we are all very happy that the film was released, and viewers, including Russian, will be able to see it in the near future, recharge with positive emotions and understand that there is not only a place in life feat but also friendship and mutual assistance – support and help sometimes really come from where they did not expect. Our movie Making the Day once again reminds us that there are several essential things in life: faith in good people and, of course, humor. “

In addition to Dan Fogler and Kira Dikhtyar, America Olivo, Dominic Fumusa, Christian Campbell, Natalie Knepp, Nicole Ansari-Cox, Sondra James, and others also play in the film. Michael Canzoniero wrote the script for the movie in tandem with the famous screenwriter Michael Berenbaum, who worked on such TV series as Sex and the City, Desperate Housewives, Divorce, Why Women Kill, The Wiretap, and the films Undercover Agent, What to Expect When You Are Expecting a Baby, Marco Polo, High stakes game, “Sex and the City” and “Sex and the City 2”.

Initially, the film’s release was planned a year earlier, but the global pandemic made adjustments to the work on the film – its premiere had to be postponed to 2021. Making the Day premiered as part of the Cinequest Film & Creativity Festival, an annual international festival of independent films held in San Jose (California) on March 20-30 this year.

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