“We Were Asked to Stay Where We Were”: Kira Dikhtyar Ended Up on Board of a “Mined” Plane

Kira Dikhtyar, a famous American model of Russian origin, spent more than 6 hours at New York’s John F. Kennedy airport, waiting for her luggage. The reason for the delay was the information from the US ground services about the possibility of a bomb threat, which was received by the commander of the Aeroflot flight Moscow-New York SU102.

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The passengers were disembarked, and the board was checked. It turned out that the transport police of New York received a message about the “mining” of a flight that had flown in from Moscow. Luckily, the information about the threat was not confirmed. However, things did not go smoothly for the passengers who arrived in New York on that flight. According to Kira Dikhtyar, who was among the unfortunate Moscow-New York flight passengers, she had not seen such a large-scale event even in the movies.

“We arrived in New York on time. But as soon as our plane landed, we were asked to stay in our seats. Through the window, we saw that the plane was surrounded by about 50 police cars with flashing lights and several fire engines, – Kira Dikhtyar told us about what was happening at the airport. “After some time, we were allowed to leave the plane, but before we got off the ramp and reached the bus, a new demand was received that we should line up and move away from our luggage. After that, the policemen with dogs checked the hand luggage of the passengers on our flight. It took a long time. “


“After the checkup, we were allowed to get on the bus, and then they circled us for a long time around the airfield. Finally, we were brought to the entrance to the airport, but even there, our torment was not over. The plane with the luggage remained on the runway, and we had to wait for it in the building of the John F. Kennedy airport for six hours – confused and hungry after the 10-hour flight,” concluded the model.

As a result, the information about the mining of the Moscow-New York flight SU102 was not confirmed, and everyone breathed a sigh of relief, especially the passengers who, after a long wait, were still given their luggage. According to Kira Dikhtyar, she was late for the shooting, for which she flew to New York, because of this large-scale event.

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