Green Shades of Spring Wardrobe

It’s time to focus on the spring season and update the wardrobe according to the new fashion trends.

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Each season brings new trends filled with the energy of freshness and creativity, the desire to update the appearance at least a little and get an additional, sunny dose of self-confidence. A couple of new fashion items will instantly revive any, even the simplest, look and allow you to take a fresh look at the traditional seasonal outfits. For example, a trendy blazer will be enough to transform a simple white T-shirt and jeans pairing into a bold look. Details bring classics to life, while a feminine dress is a clue even when you don’t know what to wear.

Color trends have become the hottest this season, and Milan Fashion Week visitors have an obvious favorite. After several days of observing the stylish demeanor of impeccably dressed visitors to the Milan show, GREEN was declared the official color of the season. Top model Kira Dikhtyar will tell you more about the trend.

The first fashion collections for spring 2021, as expected, have an emphasis is on fashion classics and essential items – everyday home and sportswear. And while the first spring novelties look simple, their cuts, silhouettes, materials, and colors add freshness to them.

Fashion houses, designers, and brands have announced new trends and colors ideal for your seasonal wardrobe and everyday looks.

In addition to the silhouettes and patterns, and attention-grabbing colors are the best tricks to make the classic look more effective. Color will make patterns brighter and more fun, making fashionable details more appealing.

After the muted earthy and delicate beige with gemstone tones that filled the fall/winter palette, the new spring brings a mix of pastels and vibrant hues. And one of the dominant colors is green.

Green and all of its beautiful shades are back again. From pastels to vibrant colors, a natural palette brings freshness and luxury, with multiple options for your wardrobe and unique style.

Is this green wave an indicator of a shift in the industry towards sustainability and climate change? Maybe. Celebrities have already shown several green outfits on Instagram accounts.

Even if green isn’t one of your favorite colors in your wardrobe, its stylistic potential is endless. There is green for everyone – all you have to do is figure out which flavor of green suits your personal style better. Wearing greens this season is as important as eating them.

Emerald green or deep shades of green dominated the fashion industry for years. The green color seems incredibly luxurious and stylish. Notable is the lime green takeover topping brands like Gucci and Staud between Spring 2018 and 2019 when the trend morphed into a nice mix of olive and army color in Fall 2019.

On the fall 2020 catwalks, Prada unveiled their hue of the color for the new season with an accessory emphasis on accessories, combining emerald ribbed tights and multicolored loafers with otherwise neutral ensembles. Lacoste combined green with other colors ranging from pink to blue and orange.

In the coming season, experts in trends and colors insist on emeralds. In today’s digital world, green’s success lies in its ability to stand out on Instagram grids, boldly standing out among a sea of ​​minimalistic neutrals, and social media users are taking the power of these vibrant hues to improve their online strategy. The persistence of green is also evidenced by the growing importance of an off-season approach to color palettes.

Emerald is a color that is starting to dominate the Instagram feeds in oversized sweaters, standout prints like checkered and snakeskin. Whether you’re planning to slowly dive into emerald using the mini-bag trend or ready to dive into a monochrome look, you’ve been given hundreds of examples of how to wear this color trend.

Easy to pair, coveted shades of green begin with a cool mint shade of warming sage and end with a bright and rich emerald. Spring colors not only breathe freshness, but they look equally good when paired with earthy, pastel, and vibrant tones. That is why famous fashion houses, designers, and brands choose this color for outfits and fashion accessories.

Each model – mint, sage, and bright green – is transformed into a modern classic worthy of your attention.

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