Kira Dikhtyar Produced the Cover of L’Officiel Magazine, Posing as a Hollywood Movie Star

Supermodel Kira Dikhtyar works with many publications around the world. She is the advertising face of the largest foreign and Russian brands. She has worked with many glossy magazines during her long and successful career, from GQ and Vogue to FHM and Playboy. She recently starred for the legendary Harper’s Bazaar on the streets of her beloved New York, and at the moment, she has produced one of the most prestigious covers in the world of L’Officiel Magazine. Surprising his fans with a completely new “I,” showing herself in the role of a Hollywood movie star. The idea and implementation is entirely the idea of ​​the model itself.

Photo: Kira Dikhtyar for L’Officiel Magazine

L’Officiel is one of the most fashionable and prestigious magazines in the world and is unmatched among other magazines as a leader in luxury fashion, beauty and lifestyle. This award-winning magazine associates celebrities with high-quality editorial content and focuses on the global fashion industry. It should be noted that the magazine does not choose models for its covers, but real celebrities who bring new ideas, solve socially significant problems, and make this world a better place. On the August cover of the issue was the American actress Paris Hilton, and was replaced by the incomparable Kira Dikhtyar, who has been the UN Ambassador for several years and deals with important issues. Now Kira’s attention has been drawn to the problem of the so-called “age of consent.” Kira is developing a program,

Kira Dikhtyar brings to the masses the thought: “Don’t be discouraged, don’t give up when you fail, and always believe in yourself.” Indeed, one cannot but agree with our September cover star L’Officiel’s advice to her readers. In addition to the ’50s superstar images, there are two interviews in Russian and English. Kira shares the secrets of the modeling business and talks about her plans.

Production Crew: photographer Evgeny Milkovich, wardrobe stylist Nika Lemle, makeup and styling – Dmitry Puchnin.

All the images of the model turned out to be bold and bright. Kira was the inspiration for the magazine, like a real iron lady who never misses an opportunity to express her opinion openly.

Kira Dikhtyar shared photos from the shooting in her blog and thanked everyone involved in creating her image: “I am thrilled and very proud of my new cover for l” Officiel magazine. I wanted to create the look of the ’50s Hollywood superstar, and thanks to my fantastic team, it worked out. “

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