Kira Dikhtyar Marie Claire Serbia Cover and Interview

First of all, tell us how your career in the modeling world began?

Kira Dikhtyar: As a kid I never dreamed of becoming a model, I competed in rhythmic gymnastics and wanted to become a coach. As I was competing, the team selected me to pose for magazines and sports brands. One day, a well-known international agent spotted me and advised me to start my modeling career. I didn’t think about it until the moment I stopped competing in rhythmic gymnastics, after which I felt empty. I enrolled at Moscow University, but it didn’t suit my active lifestyle. I quit my studies and tried out as a model in Europe, where I was quite successful for a young girl. Certainly the biggest success came when I moved to Los Angeles and met my manager, who I have been working with for over 10 years.

What was your biggest challenge when you moved to the US?

Kira Dikhtyar: One of the biggest challenges was language, especially for me as a perfectionist. I wanted to bring my accent to the level of my native language.

Tell us more about your collaboration with the legendary Ellen von Anvert?

Kira Dikhtyar: I collaborated with Elen on several recordings, most notably for Italian Vogue as well as for her book Fraulein. My Los Angeles agency sent me to casting and I got a job. I almost fainted with excitement when I found out that I was chosen because, in addition to being a living legend, Ellen is very picky about the people she works with. We were shooting on the beach and since I first worked for Italian Vogue I was very nervous. At first it was planned to be in the background, but on the second day of filming, Ellen pulled me out of the group to do that famous photo of me hanging out of gymnastics rings. That photo was a springboard for my modeling career, especially for shoots that combine sports and fashion. Another significant collaboration was for her book Fraulein. We were shooting in France, near Versailles. She envisioned it as a “public house” where every girl has a strong personality. She dressed me in a provocative wardrobe and asked me to pose again as a gymnast. Interestingly, I didn’t see that photo until 2016, when I happened to see a book on my friends table.

How has life in Los Angeles influenced your style?

Kira Dikhtyar: In my wardrobe is everything from high fashion like Louis Vuitton and Chanel pieces to fully casual clothes. I like to combine designer clothes with jeans and sneakers. With Los Angeles, I like the fact that it gives you the freedom to dress casually, while at the same time you can never be too trim.

You participated in The Face Fashion Show. How has that shaped your career?

Kira Dikhtyar: The Face was a completely different project from what I was doing before, primarily because it was a reality TV show, not a modeling job. While other girls were learning how to pose, my goal was to learn how to make a television show, as well as how to achieve drama, one of the direct demands of production. An entirely new experience, which I learned a lot from and met with a number of great professionals, with whom I also collaborated on my new TV show, Model-Moms. I learned from Naomi Campbell how to turn in my favor everything that happens to me, my media presence was much larger than the presence of other girls. Even though I wasn’t ready for it at the moment, the experience at The Face helped me further in my career.

What is your hot regime? Would you tell us a secret?

Kira Dikhtyar: I don’t really have a secret. My beauty is natural, I avoid plastic surgeries and fillers. I use only natural products, often discovering new organic cosmetics brands. I rarely makeup in everyday life, I prefer to leave it to the professionals. Modeling gives you the benefit of having the best make-up artists work on your face.

Who are your favorite fashion designers and why?

Kira Dikhtyar: I love the classics, Chanel, Prada and Valentino.

How have you used your success to contribute to a better world?

Kira Dikhtyar: In Russia, I have filmed several television shows in which I encourage young models to eat healthy instead of starving themselves through rigorous diets. As well as loving themselves and expanding their circle of friends so that they can have support even when they are outside the borders of their country.

What would you like to achieve in the future?

Kira Dikhtyar: I’m pretty happy with my career right now, I don’t know how much more I’m going to do in modeling, but I’m definitely not planning to stop. It would be great to start my own TV show in the future. I would also like to be even more active in charities. My whole life has been focused on achieving goals, first in gymnastics, then in modeling, then on television. But lately I’ve been thinking more about my private life, which has always been second to none, and I’m finally ready to devote myself to it, maybe.

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